Meet Tumult

a: A loud, confused noise, especially one caused by a large mass of people.
b:  A turbulent uprising / riot with violent outbursts

The sound of Tumult is best described as the deliberate and powerful collision between a Ford Escort and a girls church choir. Heavy international bass, a suburban touch and a fuck you to the musical norms – this is Tumult.

Growing up with neon lit scooters, steroid pumped biceps and fake tits in a Copenhagen suburb, Tumult inject their proletarian roots into the growing scene of the hardest styles of dance music.

Tumult consists of two prominent personalities from the established club scene: First up is DJ and producer, Frederik Kragh aka Sugarbois, from one of Copenhagens most legendary underground party-crews. By his side is the experienced and award-winning producer and DJ, Casper Østergaard aka Jay Adams, who’s productions have been heard at Hardwell’s live performances among others.

Tumult invites you into their eccentric and proletarian sound universe and brings you deep into a Dutch suburb where they’ll imprison you to the sound of distorted kicks and fog horns. Join them on a journey that challenges the musical norms and experience something you won’t forget anytime soon – or run for your life.




See The Light (feat. WUKONG) Vamos! 10 år (Tumult Remix) Cant Fall Asleep (Tumult Remix) Everything Crying In The Sun (Tumult Remix) 2860 No Interference (feat. Damas) Whisper (Tumult Remix) Back to you (Feat. OLLIE) Time Warp Superstar (Tumult Remix) Fire In Your Heart SALIGIA (Feat. Felix De Luca) End With You (Tumult Remix) Sorry For You (feat. Kamilia Amélie) Elastic Heart (Tumult Remix) SALIGIA (Feat. Felix De Luca) (VIP Remix) Yard Of The Free (Tumult Remix) Can't Get To You (Tumult Remix) Legendary Drops Vol.5 Forgabt (Tumult Remix) Just Like That (feat. Johnny Graves) (Tumult Remix) Legends (Tumult Remix) Simon Says (Tumult Twerk Remix) Spoon me (Tumult Remix) Red Lips (Tumult Remix) Blind (feat. Alina Devecerski) [Tumult Remix] Lean On (Tumult Remix) Too Original feat. Elliphant & Jovi Rockwell (Tumult Remix) Only (Tumult G-Edit) All Day X Deep Down Low (Tumult Edit) Legendary Drops VOL.2 Legendary Drops VOL.3 Legendary Drops VOL.4